25 Facebook Ads Myths To Avoid!

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25 Facebook Ads Myths

Ever hear this one? “The only way to succeed with Facebook ads is with video.”

That’s MYTH #1.

In fact, here is a screenshot of a non video campaign to prove that ads don’t have to be video to work.


There are so many myths around Facebook advertising that can completely screw up your results. In this post I’m going to debunk another 24 Facebook advertising myths, so that you have the chance to get better advertising results! I’ve broken them down into the five pillars of Facebook advertising.

Pillar #1 Targeting

There is a lot of nonsense about what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to Facebook targeting. I’m going to clear those up in this section.


Myth #2: You want to target as specifically as you can for your Facebook ad campaigns.

This is not true. It will lead to audiences that are TOO SMALL and get worse results.


Myth #3: Lookalike audiences don’t work post iOS 14.

This is simply not true. You just need to change the source of your lookalike audiences for them to work well. Instead of using external sources to Facebook like website visitors, you want to us in-app sources such as video views, page engagement, or in-app lead forms.



Myth #4: Retargeting is now pointless.

This is similar to myth #4 and is also false. You definitely want to be retargeting with your Facebook ad campaigns. It is slightly less effective, but retargeting is usually still the most profitable portion of a campaign.

Myth #5: Only old people use Facebook.

While it is true that Facebook has an older demographic, it’s not true that it’s old. That’s definitely an over exaggeration. It’s also not consistent across the entire planet. There are countries where younger people use Facebook a lot more than they do in the US.


Pillar #2: Advertising Strategy

In this section I want to go over all the myths around advertising strategy and there are a lot of them!

Myth #6 You have to start with a traffic campaign in a new Facebook ad account.

People say that you can’t run a conversions campaign and you can’t optimize for what you actually want. This has never made ANY sense to me.

You can absolutely run conversion campaigns with a brand new ad account. You can run sales campaigns or lead campaigns without a problem. You aren’t likely to get great results at first, but as the data accumulates in your ad account, your results are going to get better and better.

Remember if you have a traffic campaign you are ONLY optimizing for link clicks and not conversions, so you’ll be feeding Facebook the wrong data for conversions anyway. Running a traffic campaign when you want conversions is like training someone for a marathon by asking them to swim instead of run.

For most Facebook advertisers starting with conversions is the way to go.

Myth #7 Facebook advertising doesn’t work.

What I find that people are saying when they say that is that I couldn’t get Facebook ads to work in the timeframe that I tested them. This is often a tiny timeframe of 3, 7, or 10 days.

People sometimes expect to be amazing at Facebook ads to work without developing the skills and expertise needed, but there are millions of advertisers generating billions in revenue for Facebook advertisers. Facebook advertising works.


Myth #8 You can sell anything with good enough Facebook ad campaigns.

This is the other end of the myth spectrum and it’s just not true.

If your service or product isn’t appealing enough to real people then it doesn’t matter how good the Facebook ad campaign is. It won’t work. It’s as simple as that and it’s the same with all marketing.

You have to market a product or service that there is a demand for at a price point that people want to buy.

Myth #9 There’s one Facebook ad strategy that works for everyone.

No. Just no.

You need to sell a $10 ecommerce product very, very differently than a $50,000 consulting package. And obviously there is everything in between so you need different strategies for different types of products and services. There is no one-size-fits all approach to Facebook advertising.

Myth #10 No one uses Facebook anymore.

What that person is really saying is “I don’t use Facebook anymore.” And that’s fine. But to extrapolate their personal experiences to everyone else is completely unrealistic.

We know by looking at the data that Facebook still has an absolute monstrous user base.

Just because you don’t use something doesn’t mean that everyone’s doing the same thing.

Myth #11 People ignore Facebook ads because they are ads.

Now… it is true that a lot of people think that they don’t buy based on ads. It’s just not true.

We can see from the data that when you put ads in front of people you get clicks and people go and purchase.

Pillar #3 Budget & Finance


Myth #12 You should always use campaign budget optimization.

I’m a fan of campaign budget optimization, but should you always use it? Nope. Absolutely not.

Myth #13 Cost caps reduce your cost per conversion.

This isn’t the case. Cost caps actually reduce your as spend if you aren’t able to reach your cost per conversion. This is quite a different thing than reducing your actual cost per conversion.

Myth #14 Facebook ads can be scaled infinitely.

No they can’t! You are advertising to real people and there is a finite amount of people that are going to be interested in any specific offer. You might be able to scale massively, but not infinately.

Myth #15 You can only scale in 10% budget increments.

Not true. You can always scale in larger budget increments than that, particularly if you are using lower budgets.


Myth #16 Facebook ads only work if you have a large budget.

That’s not true and it’s just an excuse. It’s people who don’t have a large budget and weren’t able to get their campaigns to work that are using it as an excuse.

I recommend you start with a small budget before you scale. This can absolutely work.

Pillar #4 Creative & Offer

There are also a lot of myths around creatives and offers. I’ll go over those in this section.

Myth #17 High quality ad creative is difficult to produce

It can be difficult to create if you don’t have the skills, but there are tons of people who DO have the skills to create engaging ad creatives and they really don’t charge that much.

Places like Upwork and Fiverr are good resources to use to find people who can put really nice video together, or put together beautiful imagery for slideshows or photo ads.


Myth #18 Branding doesn’t matter.

Of course branding matters. An established brand will get better results.


Myth #19 Facebook ads can be scaled infinitely.

No they can’t! You are advertising to real people and there is a finite amount of people that are going to be interested in any specific offer. You might be able to scale massively, but not infinitely.

Myth #20 You should always use campaign budget optimization.

I’m a fan of campaign budget optimization, but should you always use it? Nope. Absolutely not

Myth #21 You need to spend more if you want to target larger audiences.

That’s just not how Facebook works. This one is totally not true.

Pillar #5 Ad accounts and support


Myth #22 Facebook bans ad accounts to get you.

There are so many people that really seem to feel that Facebook is out to get them.

The reality is that Facebook bans ad accounts to protect their platform. Sometimes they get it wrong, but they aren’t trying to punish you as an advertiser.

Myth #23 Facebook reps are always helpful.

They’re just not. Often they will give you advice that’s good. Often they’ll give you advice that just benefits Facebook.

Here’s an example:

Myth #24 The Facebook ads learning phase should be feared.

I’ve seen it over and over. There are lots of advertisers on Facebook that will never test anything rather than get put back into the learning phase. Unfortunately, not testing will do far more damage to your campaign than being in the learning phase will.

Myth #25 Facebook hates small business and only wants to work with large companies.

Actually, the majority of Facebook advertisers are small businesses, and the majority of their advertising revenue as a whole comes from small businesses.

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