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With the Traffic Conversion Code, you’ll get the EXACT funnel blueprint that we use to generate millions in sales for our clients. Discover the exact formula that we apply to some of the biggest companies in the world.

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My goodness, this stuff REALLY works. I have already gotten a ton of signups and even one upgrade to a $100 product. I love this stuff. Now, I will have to pretty it all up and start promoting it. I just sent it to my list. Thanks you AGAIN Kyle and the TEAM!

Kathy Hadley

Exclusive business, success & life coach,

Just Having A "Funnel" Is No Longer Enough...

From: Kyle Holsey, President of Vital Force Academy

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Dear fellow marketer,

If you are marketing online and struggling to create campaigns that actually work, it is NOT your fault!

The increase in ad costs, a massive flood of competition into the marketplace, and the privacy changes led by Apple’s iOS14 update have changed the game.

That means it’s no longer good enough to just have a “website” or “funnel”.

To compete in today’s competitive market, you have to be able to…

Convert Cold Traffic Into Hot Buyers…Like Clockwork.

And, to most marketers, creating campaigns like that these days feels impossible.

However, if your biggest problems right now are:

#1 Not Enough Leads

#2 Not Enough Sales

…then I have good news for you!

Because you are about to discover the most fundamental, yet powerful, approach to making sales online…ever.

The exact same approach that, to date, has resulted in over $100 MILLION in sales across multiple industries…

Now I know that’s a big statement so I’m going to prove it to you in just a second, but first…

The reason this is so important for you as a marketer right now is that it doesn’t matter if you’re an info marketer, content creator, in e-com, professional services, affiliate marketing…

Or your a coach, consultant, influencer, or a brick & mortar store…

The fact is, 81% of consumers now start their buying (or hiring) process online.*

It’s no longer enough to just have a “website” or “funnel” anymore.

In this digital-first world, you have to be able to convert cold traffic into happy customers…on command…if you want to compete.

The good news is there is a proven and predictable way for you to…

Repeatedly & Reliably Turn Total Strangers Into Paying Customers…

…without needing tons of traffic, years of experience, or a big brand name to back you up.

And I want to show you how to do that…

Because knowing how to predictably and consistently convert customers online is no longer a luxury in the digital age, it’s a requirement.

The good news is...

…with the right framework, it’s easy to do.

We have perfected this process over a decades of building profitable campaigns and helping over 100,000 marketers do the same.

And I want to give you the full framework here today.

As a matter of fact, what you’re getting is the same framework we used to build multiple companies into the industry leading brands.

This is the exact strategy we’ve applied to sell over $100 million dollars of products and services online to date.

And that’s not just one particular space.

This simple 3-step framework has helped us to build successful campaigns in all types of industries including physical products, B2C, B2B SaaS, information publishing, e-commerce, real estate, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, and more!

What You'll Discover When You See The "Traffic Conversion Code"

…is that ALL successful funnels – in all industries – follow this 3-step framework to convert cold leads into hot buyers.

The reason is that human beings make buying decisions on just about everything in a very predictable and repeatable way.

It’s not something we made up, we just distilled the process down into an easy to follow formula so you can tap into your consumer’s psychology.

That’s what makes this training so special…we’ve taken how your customers already make their buying decisions and systematized the process to make it easy for you to understand and simple to apply to your marketing campaigns.

That is why this is not another flash-in-the pan, fly-by-night, “funnel hack” that works for a minute then goes out of style.

What you are getting is the “secret sauce” that all successful marketers have mastered…

…and when you ‘crack the code’ to consumer psychology you will be able to honestly and authentically influence your ideal audience to buy your product or services at will as well.

And When You Have That Power, That's Where True Freedom Comes From…

Imagine the excitement when you hear your phone pinging with sales notifications over & over again all day…

That feeling of achievement when you know you are never going to go another day without a sale ever again…

That sense of abundance watching your bank balances rise every day all on their own…

The relief you’ll experience knowing that you are in complete control of your income and you can create more, on demand, whenever you like…

The sound of your kids laughing as you are all on your way to your favorite summer vacation spot…

And the love & gratitude coming from your spouse because they know that you are able to take care of you and your family for the rest of your lives while also having the time and energy to actually enjoy it!

That’s what’s possible when you know how to repeatedly & reliably turn total strangers into paying customers on demand.

And that’s what you are going to get today.

This Is Dramatically Different From Any Other Training You've Taken...

…because it’s more of a step-by-step action plan to convert total strangers into paying customers than a “course”.

The reason why is there’s no fluff or filler.

We immediately get to work filling you in on the framework and mapping out…what we call internally…your customer value journey for your product or service.

And to make sure you can see how it is applied in the real world, you get to go behind-the-scenes using case study examples to illustrate each of the 3-steps in the Customer Value Journey.

Understanding the Customer Value Journey and its 3 stages will transform the way you look at building campaigns, while, at the same time…

It will breakdown the marketing process for you and install instant confidence in your ability to create highly converting funnels yourself when you see how easy it is.

Here's How It Works

Module #1

Introduction To The Customer Value Journey

In Module #1, we are going to discuss the proprietary framework that makes up the “The Traffic Conversion Code”, known more commonly as…The Customer Value Journey.

Here’s just a few learning lessons:

  • Discover the core concept that will drive your success in digital marketing now and in the future
  • Uncover the 'secret strategy' that will eliminate your revenue rollercoaster (or drought)...forever

Module #2

Mapping YOUR Customer Value Journey

The most critical and foundational strategy in your campaign creation is exactly how to map your customer journey.

We will walk through each of the 3-steps that turn total strangers into super fans and, most importantly, the EXACT sequence that must occur to reliably create trust, authority, and sales in your business or campaigns.

Here’s just a few learning lessons:

  • How to get quality leads and consistent sales even if you've not a "marketing master"
  • The ONE (and most important) thing in marketing that will NEVER change
  • The #1 campaign killer that you should NEVER do and how to avoid it

Module #3

Stage 1: Awareness

It’s a critical first step in the customer journey but many people (and too many marketers) believe this stage is the entirety of what marketing is!

As you will see, this is an important step in the process but just the beginning of any high-converting marketing campaign.

Here’s just a few learning lessons:

  • How to get high volume, high quality leads even if no one knows who you are
  • Discover "The Big 3" - The Only Traffic Channels You'll Ever Need
  • The worst time to try to make a sale and why "it does hurt to ask"

Module #4

Stage 2: Engagement

In step 2, you will begin to build and deepen the new relationship with your prospect in a way that is helpful and positions you or your brand as an authority in your space.

The key to this stage is providing high-value content in advance where you or your product demonstrates the ability to solve your prospects’ problems before they ever see your offer.

Here’s just a few learning lessons:

  • Why talking about you or your brand doesn't work and what to say instead
  • The top types of content that crush no matter what you're selling

Module #5

Stage 3: Subscribe

Now that you have your prospect’s trust and they see you as someone who can be a solution to their problems, it’s time to level up the relationship and go from strangers to acquaintances.

In stage 3: Subscribe, this is where a stranger finally becomes a prospect, lead, or…as it’s named…subscriber.

Here’s just a few learning lessons:

  • Say goodbye to fake email addresses. Get real contact information by following this formula.
  • Offers that prospects just can't resist.

Module #6

Stage 4: Convert

Stage 4, the ‘Convert’ stage is by far the MOST critical in your campaign and also the one with which most marketers struggle.

This is the stage of the Customer Journey where the relationship between you and your prospect fundamentally shifts.

By the end of this lesson, you will have what might be the most powerful tool in the customer conversion process - Which is the ability to turn the prospect into a customer.

What you’ll take away from this lesson:

  • The fastest way to make someone want what you're selling using Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • The "Splinter Method" and how to use it to create a super high-converting entry point offer.
  • How to determine the best indicator of success for the rest of your funnel (HINT: its not sales)

And the best part is this is ALL done by positioning yourself as a brand, authority, or influencer that wants to help and never seen as pushing, annoying, or “sales-y”.

When you get this proven process, making sales will never be a problem for you or your company again.

That’s because sales become systematic AND your average order value skyrockets which, in turn, allows you to buy more traffic, getting more customers, and those customers become repeat buyers and brand ambassadors propelling your profit margins to heights where doing all this is fun and stress-free.

Because that leads to the income, abundance, and predictably to live life on your own terms.

By the end of this training, not only will you have a predictable and repeatable way of converting cold prospects into red hot buyers leveraging Facebook & Instagram ads but you will also have…

  • A reliable and profitable campaign that you can scale to cold traffic,
  • The skills to apply this strategy to any product, service, business, or industry, and…
  • The ability to automate all this so you can have the…

…Freedom, lifestyle, and income you deserve.

Now, You Might Be Wondering...

"This Sounds Great, But What's The Cost?"

And if you look around the industry you’ll find other similar types of trainings selling for $995 dollars or more.

Because of that, we could easily sell this training for $795 and still be providing a huge value to the marketplace.

But here’s the deal. We want this to be a “No Brainer”. And at $795, I don’t know about you but I’m still going to think about that for a minute. Even if it’s a great deal, and I believe it’s going to help me, I’m still going to weigh the pros and cons.

So, we said, you know what, the heck with it, let’s make it available at just $495.

At $495 anyone can afford it and if you apply what you’ll learn there’s no way you can’t get an instant 10x return on your investment in just a few days.

But, then I realized, some things are bigger than money…like trust.

The fact is we don’t know each other yet, and being a marketer for this long, I’m sure there’s still that little voice in the back of your head saying “this sounds great buuuuuut…” so I’m going to make this easy for you.

I want this to be as irresistible as possible and I want you to see measurable results in your marketing so we are going to give you access to this course for just $47/mo

Yep. Just $47/mo

YES! I Want Instant Access Now!

There is NO contract and NO Minimum months. You can cancel ANYTIME 

Claim Access Today And Get An Additional $419 In Bonuses!

You didn’t think I would forget about adding bonuses, did you?

So, when you invest $47/mo in the Traffic Conversion Code today, not only will you get this program valued at $495 but you’ll also get…

Access to TikTok superstar Kailey Breyer TitTok master class. She care fully created a "crash course" sharing the exact steps she took to grow her TikTok profile to over 500K followers in 60 days. 

More specifically how to turn your followers into high quality leads that you can sell your products and services too.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of TikTok algorithm and how to grow your profile regardless of what niche your business is in.

And that is our gift to you today!

So…Wow! That’s a lot of value for just $47/mo…$1,828 in retail value to be exact.

“So, Mark, What’s The Catch?”

Now, if you’ve been waiting, here’s the catch…

When the timer on this page hits zero, this offer…and this page…will expire.

We obviously can’t offer a deal like this to everyone, forever…that wouldn’t be a great business decision BUT it is available to you, right now.

But that means if you don’t jump on this before the timer hits zero (or you close out of this page) then you’ll lose out on everything we just talked about.

The Traffic Conversion Code course…all the bonuses…the discount…the tools… the templates…everything.

Cool, now, with that being said…

Here’s Everything You Get To Help Turn Complete Strangers…

Into Raving Fans On-Demand

Inside the “Traffic Conversion Code” you’ll discover…

  • 6 short modules (you can go through in an afternoon)
  • Our $100M step-by-step methodology
  • 3 simple steps to follow for each and every Facebook & Instagram ad campaign you create
  • Step-by-step instruction so you can copy off our work
  • BONUS : Our “TikTok Organic Growth Master Class” By Kailey Breyer (Value: $419)

A Total Value of $1,828

Yours Today Just $47/mo (Save 96%)

YES! I Want Instant Access Now!

There is NO contract and NO Minimum months. You can cancel ANYTIME 

Plus, when you sign up today, you'll be backed by our...

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Listen, I get it…

I know what it’s like to feel uncertain about an investment in yourself.

That voice inside your head that says, “But is this going to work for me?”

Well, one thing you’re going to love about this, besides the incredible value and everything you’re going to learn, is our guarantee.

I am so confident that you are going to get 3X the value from your investment that I will let you have access to it for a full 30 days with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Watch the trainings… Download the worksheets… Access the bonuses… Test out all the strategies… Give this whole program a full test drive…

And, within 30 days, if I did not deliver at least 300% more value than you invested in this program…you will be entitled to a full refund.

…and you can KEEP the bonus anyway.

That’s right. You keep access to the TikTok master class as my gift to you.

Just email support at [email protected] or call the number on your receipt and we’ll return your investment with zero questions and no hard feelings.

I know the likelihood of that happening is very low…

But I still want to make it crystal clear: there is NO risk to you.

So if you feel the value is just not up to what is promised on this page, then I’ll personally return your initial investment and we’ll still part as friends!

So really there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

But my bet is if you’re like the other marketers that you see on this page, you’re going to really love what you learn, get amazing results in the process, and you’ll want to continue working together in the future.

That’s why we’re doing this in the 1st place. To make it as much of a ‘no-brainer’ as possible for marketers that are truly serious about transforming their income, lives, and financial situation.

And you can do all for just $47/mo

So just click the button below and we’ll get everything over to your email right away.

To your success,

Kyle Holsey

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