I’m Kyle the owner of Vital Force Academy and full time entrepreneur born and raised in Detroit, MI and it was there that I started my journey into entrepreneurship. Iistarted my first company at age 23. 

I started out with a tow truck business, From there I went into carpet cleaning and then I eventually shifted over to real estate where I built a brand , and brought investors from around the world to invest in Detroit real estate. I eventually did millions in transactions over an 8 year period.

While wholesaling Real Estate I built my own brand online using YouTube & Facebook and this is how I developed my 3 step system to turn strangers into paying customers. I like to follow my passion and not the $$ so In 2015 I started my own agency Vital Force Marketing where I used this same 3 step system to eventually help business owners generate millions in sales, and thousands of high quality leads.

Currently,  I’m profitably still spending thousands of dollars per day in ad-spend. During my career, I’ve spent more than a million dollars in advertising and I can’t wait to share with you every secret I’ve learned.

With these insights I created this course to share the knowledge and wisdom that help me create financial freedom in my life, and the lives of countless business owners.


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