6 Facebook Ad Secrets That Experts Won’t Tell You

Buckle up! I’m about to show you seven powerful Facebook advertising secrets used by top marketers and professionals in the industry. These are secrets that top advertisers USUALLY like to keep to themselves.

These tips can help give your Facebook ads a competitive advantage and boost your results. 

If you’ve been looking for a breakthrough with your Facebooks ads one of these secrets may very well get you there.


Secret 1: Allocate More Budget to Ad Creatives

The first secret is to shift more of your ad budget towards creating high-quality ad creatives rather than just running more ads. The difference this can make is HUGE. 

What I see in my agency is that most people who run Facebook ads put VERY little money toward creatives. It’s often just 1% of their ad spend. If you want really good results from your ads, then you need to spend more money on your creatives.



Instead go for a 90/10 split, with 90% spent on the ads and 10% on producing engaging videos, images, animations etc. This lets you stand out from competitors.



When you split your budget this way, it frees up a lot of budget for high quality video production, creating animated videos, advanced editing, and great graphics and visuals.

When you spend more money on ad creatives and get great creatives as a result, it makes your entire additional ad budget more effective.


Secret 2: Brand is Everything

The second secret is that you need to pay attention to your brand. It makes a huge difference to ad results.


The difference between a well known brand and a brand that isn’t well known is absolute night and day. You could be offering the exact same products at the same price point and you’ll often see twice or three times as many sales for a brand that is well known versus one that no one knows.

That leads to the question “How do you get a brand established?”

I’m not talking here about running awareness campaigns (although they can work if you have the budget).

What I’m talking about is to treat every customer interaction as a chance to build brand loyalty and recognition.

When people have a fantastic experience they’ll remember it and often recommend it to others. If someone in your audience has already had a personal recommendation from someone they know when your ad pops up, they are so much more likely to buy.

You want to behave in your business in a way that strengthens your brand. Deliver a fantastic product, have great customer service, do what you say you’re going to do, go above and beyond.

That will compound so much and you’ll see it in your Facebook and Instagram ad results.

You can also make this go faster by hiring an influencer in your niche to recommend your product, create video ads, and create imagery that you can then use in your ad. 


Secret 3: Expand Your Time Horizon

The best Facebook advertisers play the long game, knowing that advertising builds familiarity over time before conversions happen.

The cost is very much front loaded in Facebook advertising and the rewards are seen later down the line.

Let’s say there are people in your audience that need to see ads from you six times over a two year period before they’re ready to buy.

That’s a lot of people that don’t buy from businesses that they haven’t seen before. If you generated five of those six ads in the last 18 months then you’ll have a lot of ad spend that doesn’t have any income numbers with it yet.

It’s important to be patient and keep your brand out there. The Omnipresent Ad Strategy can help a lot in keeping you in front of people WHILE you make sales with conversion ads.

If you can stick with it and do the hard stuff now then it will get easier as you show your audience ads over time.

Judge success by brand awareness gains and not just short-term sales.


Secret 4: Targeting is Less Important Than You Think

Marketers obsess over targeting, but the fourth secret is that it’s not as crucial as you may believe. 

As long as you avoid major mistakes you’ll be fine. 

Watch a few tutorials on targeting and you’ve got it.

Focus your energy on your offer and your creatives rather than endlessly tweaking audiences.


Secret 6: Offer an Amazing Product/Service

Behind the biggest Facebook ad success stories is often a product that delights customers so much they tell their friends. This isn’t something that’s often talked about, but it’s important.

This organic word-of-mouth leads to a far higher return on ad spend over time.  If every person you’ve made a sale from recommends two other people, then you’ve effectively tripled your ROI. 



The Key Is in the Doing

Implementing even some of these expert Facebook advertising secrets could significantly improve your results. Focus on brand building, creative budgets and amazing products to see your campaigns convert better than ever.

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